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Tip of the Week: Study Aids from the Comfort of Wherever

Finals are upon us, and all the students are studying hard to pass their exams.  In light of the intense focus, I'd like to re-share the steps for accessing the study aids available via our Digital Library!  LexisNexis has numerous supplemental study aids available (Q&As, Understanding series, and more), and we have access to them all electronically via our Digital Library!  So if you're up late and can't come to the library to get the print version, or you want a book that's already checked out in print, take a look at our Digital Library!

First, to access the Digital Library you will need the following things:

Once you enter the Digital Library, you will find a wealth of resources available.  Here are a few general specifications about the library and how it works:

Within each title, you will find the following tools:
I hope you take advantage of these amazing resources!  Again, the LexisNexis Digital Library includes copies of the Q&As and Understanding series as well as other titles that will help you while studying for finals!  Good luck everyone!

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