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Tip of the Week: Lexis Advance Verdict & Settlement Analyzer

As an attorney, part of your daily routine will involve deciding whether or not to take on the new clients that come to your office.  While you weigh the facts presented against the plausibility of their legal claim, it may help to know how the courts in your jurisdiction have decided this issue in the past as well as how profitable the case may have been.  If you have access to the Lexis Advance Verdict & Settlement Analyzer, I highly recommend taking advantage of this tool.  Here's how:

1.  Log on to Lexis Advance and select "Verdict & Settlement Analyzer" from the drop-down menu on the left-hand corner of the screen.

2.  This is what the tool looks like when you first access it.

3.  Remember that you can narrow your search before running it by jurisdiction.  I chose to narrow my search by Florida.  This can be especially useful when you're looking for information on cases decided within your specific jurisdiction.

4.  At this point, you can also narrow your search by practice area/topic.  This can be useful if you know specifically the area of law you're working on.

5.  Once you've placed your initial filters (if any), run your search for the type of injury or issue you're interested in.  I ran a search for dog bites.

6.  The results will generate graphs and charts of various types organizing the information so that you can easily and quickly compare and contrast verdicts and settlements on that area.  

7.  If you scroll down the page, you'll find the case headings for all the cases pulled into the graphs.  These headings give the title, jurisdiction, year, etc.

8.  Remember, also, that you can narrow your search results further by resolution, amount, injury type, etc.
I hope you take a chance to check out this amazing tool, if you have access.  If you're a student here, you have full access while enrolled.  Take advantage of this tool before you lose it!

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