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Highlight: Research Guides


Our Law Library strives to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information and resources available to all of our patrons.  Part of our services include a growing number of research guides on various legal matters.  You can browse the entire collection here: Ave Maria School of Law Research Guides.  We have dozens of guides covering topics ranging from Administrative Law and Contracts to Constitutional Law, Immigration, Elder Law, Property Rights, and many more.

Our library staff publishes many of these guides; however, many guides are authored by students who complete our Advanced Legal Research class.  Each student chooses a topic of law to research, and their final project for the class is a research guide covering all aspects of that area of law.  The best quality guides are published at the end of the class.  Some of our most recent publications include:

Take a moment to browse through the guides available.  Comment on this post if you have suggestions on new topics we should cover or if you found something we should fix on an already published guide!  We value your feedback!

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