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Confused by the Court Choices?

Every law student and lawyer knows that they need a non-frivolous suit if they want to file a claim on behalf of their client(s).  Sounds easy enough, right?  But take a few steps back.  Before you file a claim, you need to know where to file.  And unless you're a civil procedure guru, that decision may be more complicated than you might initially think.  Have no fear!  This post will lay out an example of a state court system, using Florida.  A subsequent post will detail the Federal court system.


There are four main courts in Florida, and each one has its own rules for filing and its own jurisdictional ground.  

As you can see above, the FL system can be fairly simple to navigate once you understand all of the pieces.

Florida County Map
Florida Circuit Map
Florida District Courts of Appeal Map
Florida Supreme Court
If you choose to file in state court in Florida, therefore,  you will likely file either in County or Circuit court depending upon the amount in controversy and other factors.

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