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Law Library: Teaching & Learning Center


Long gone are the days when the library was mainly thought of as a repository of old books where people went to pass the time. For a majority of developed nations, the library became the nursery of ideas. The library is a sacred place where human beings aspire to make the most of themselves. Law libraries, in particular, developed into the centers of the communities where lawmakers and law professionals interacted and polished their advocacy skills. Today, the law library has evolved to become the laboratory where investigation is conducted, where information is disseminated, where thoughts and actions are discussed and turned into rules to live by.
Times may have changed, and the platforms or vehicles used to learn from may look different, but the process of research is the same. The law library lets you become one with the authority behind a policy. It provides a safe haven where you can study and ask for guidance filtering the enormous amounts of information that drown us. It has gone from being the place where you would seek the most information to the place where you would seek the best source of information.
A good law library can make or break a person’s life. It can be used to pursue much more than that to which ordinary beings aspire. The law library can be a place where one is challenged, but in the process one is changed. A person learns to question properly. A person learns to answer prudently. It is a place where a diamond in the rough sheds its sharp edges and becomes smooth, becomes bright, becomes wise.

When someone chooses to sit quietly and to read the items that a good law library houses within, that person changes. Something magical transpires that lets the spirit wonder. It becomes an incubator for change in the ways that one sees fairness, justice, equality and more. When that change takes place, the environment around that soul changes as well. A good law library is a place where one finds the seeds to plant along the way of the rest of one’s life. It is a place that has no boundaries, for the teaching and learning that take place changes the face of the world around it.

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