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Thursday's Tome

Today's helpful resource isn't actually a book although it may often be published in book format.  Today I'm going to talk a little bit about the importance of court rules and how vital it is that you know the applicable rules for your jurisdiction.

Federal Rules

The United States of America has several collections of federal rules, all of which are used in various federal courts.  These rules are used throughout the United States irregardless of the geographical location.  Most of us know that such rules exist, but it can sometimes be a bit painful to find them, and then to understand them once we've found them.  Here are a few sites with links to the original rules.

State Rules

The individual States of the USA also have court rules specific to their state courts.  These rules often follow the federal rules, but there are also numerous instances in which they differ.  Here is a list of the individual court websites for each state and their court rules.
Districts & Territories

The District of Columbia and the USA Territories also have unique court rules.

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