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Thursday's Tome

Every attorney who takes a case to court needs to know about jury instructions.  What are all the applicable rules the jury needs to know?  How should the jury consider the information and facts presented?  And where does an attorney find these instructions?  There are numerous ways, including via a major database such as WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, or Bloomberg Law; however, there are also publications available at your local law library where an attorney can find sample jury instructions for free!
Several of these collections are published by Matthew Bender including Jury Instructions in Automobile Accidents, Jury Instructions in Commercial Litigation, and Jury Instructions on Damages in Tort Actions.  These collections provide attorneys with sample instructions supported by case law as well as legal commentary extrapolating how best to use each instruction.  Whether you're a practicing attorney now or studying to become one, these are materials you should never pass up.

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