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Human Resources

 We have just entered the second week of the Fall semester here, and the students are settling back into their normal routine.  The 3Ls vacillate between wondering for the millionth time why they decided law school was a good idea and chomping at the bit to be done with school so that they can tackle the Bar Exam, succeed, and join the ranks of United States attorneys.  The 2Ls are adjusting to the faster pace of upper-level classes and wondering how they'll manage to fit everything in as they stare at the pile of books and the hundreds of assignments on top of participating more actively on the Executive Boards of all the extra-curricular organizations and clubs that the 3Ls have passed on.  The 1Ls are either still in shock over how different law school is from any other educational experience they've ever had or they're focusing on getting through the readings and the classes one day at a time so that they don't hyperventilate.  Unless they're smart enough to realize that they are capable and that they will conquer the beast that is law school through practice and perseverance.

Here at the library we've been giving tours to the 1Ls all week as we introduce them to the incredible resources available at the tip of their fingers.  As we speak with each group, we try to convey our love of learning and our eagerness to help them succeed in any way we can.  One point that we all emphasize is how important human resources are -- that the librarian and the reference assistant are your most valuable assets when you enter a library.  As you struggle through your first research assignment and feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available, don't forget that you can ask your librarian or your library workers for help.  Rather than beating your head against a wall until it breaks, ask for help, and the librarian can guide you to the gate through the wall into the realm of answers.

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