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Thursday's Tome

Have you ever wished for a shortcut to finding all the elements for a particular cause of action?  Wish no more!  Brought to you by James Publishing, Inc., Florida Causes of Action by Marc A. Wites is your "one stop shop" for every cause of action applicable in Florida.

Within the pages of this amazing and extremely affordable resource, you will find the elements and supporting case law for each cause of action in Florida including cases on negligence, contracts, warranty, indemnity, fraud, and so much more.  I've used this invaluable resource in my legal studies while researching hypothetical cases, and if I were to practice in Florida, it is one resource that I would most definitely add to my legal library.

Not practicing in Florida?  No worries.  James Publishing also provides California Causes of Action and many other states have similar titles released by various publishers including the Michigan Causes of Action Formbook by ICLE or O'Connor's Texas Causes of Action published by Jones McClure Publishing.

Regardless of where you choose to practice, having an updated copy of your state's causes of action book is an invaluable tool to streamline your work and to better your legal services.

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