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Thursday's Tome

Amongst the numerous resources we offer here at the library, there is an oft-overlooked section that helps prepare you beyond law school and the Bar Exam.  We spend so much of our time as law students thinking only about surviving all of our classes and making it through the Bar Exam . . . but what happens after that?  Do we start our own firm?  Join the multitude of associate attorneys working for the large, corporate offices?  Throw in all our chips with a few fellow alumni?

At the library we have a plethora of books for career services detailing all aspects of life after law school -- how your summer internships can land you a job after graduation; how your relationships are affected by your time in law school; how to start your own law practice.  

Today, I'll share one such book titled "Start Your Own Law Practice: A guide to all the things they don't teach in law school about starting your own firm."  Published in 2005, this title is still relevant almost 10 years later.  Whether you're a business major from undergrad or completely new to the idea, this book helps outline the steps you need to take with checklists, sample letters and law office forms.  

Here's the publisher's synopsis:

"After years of school and maybe even after some years of practice, you are ready to be the boss.
You want to hang out your shingle and open an office of your own.  But running a profitable business takes more than just being a great attorney.  Start Your Own Law Practice provides you with the knowledge to be both a great lawyer and successful business owner.
Whether you are looking to open a sole practitioner's office or wanting to go into partnership with other colleagues, picking the right location, hiring the right support staff and taking care of all the finances are not easy tasks.  With help from Start Your Own Law Practice, you can be sure you are making the best decisions for success."

Let us know what your plans are after graduation.  

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