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LexisNexis Overdrive Digital Library

If you are a student or a faculty or staff member, you can access the myriad of materials available on this new database by following this link (http://avemaria.law.overdrive.com/) and entering your library card number from your id card and then using your last name (all lowercase) as your password.

For those of you who don't know, let me tell you a bit about this amazing new product and why we're so excited to make it available to all of you!  According to their website, "OverDrive.com is designed to help you get digital eBooks, audiobooks, videos, and music quickly and easily. You can search for a title, then immediately see if it's available to borrow, for free, from your library."  LexisNexis adapted this program to provide access to their materials specifically in online, pdf format.  OverDrive works the same as a regular library.  You can browse through the materials the same as with a normal library catalog.  With LexisNexis OverDrive, you can "open the doors to your law library 24/7 with mobile access to primary law, deskbooks, code books, treatises and more.  LexisNexis Digital Library introduces a new chapter in library lending." LexisNexis and OverDrive work together to provide access to a wealth of information at the click of a mouse.

We look forward to introducing you to all the amazing features that LexisNexis OverDrive offers!  

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